Mesele received Christ in 1993 because of his sister’s prayer and influence from his Christian peers. Consequently, Mesele’s father tried to force him to renounce his faith, but God enabled Mesele to stand strong. A powerful moment of Jesus’ work in the life of Mesele’s ministry to his family came when Mesele’s older brother became “demon possessed and lame”. His father tried all possible solutions for his son’s healing, but no solution brought resolution to his son’s possession. This was Mesele’s opportunity to ask his father if he could pray for his brother and his father gave permission. Mesele’s prayers for his brother miraculously healed his brother and subsequently brought conviction on Mesele’s family, including the surrounding community about the power

of Jesus. This specifically resulted in his mother’s conversion to Christianity. This was a big encouragement to Mesele and fueled the fire of his faith to share the gospel of Christ with everyone everywhere! Scripture speaks to Mesele’s encouragement in Malachi 4:2 “But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.”

After the Lord revealed to Mesele that he would one day be a missionary, he organized eight peers to preach the Gospel to Muslics in his surrounding communities

for the next year. This resulted in sixteen households (100 people) being converted with exception to his father who divorced his mother and marries a second

fundamentalist Muslim wife. Mesele’s heart started burning for the lost in far places, so he started collecting money to support missionaries working in other regions of Ethiopia. Mesele also engaged four years of Bible school training in preparation for ministry. After he completed Bible school, he was sent by his church to a 98% Muslim community in Zeway, approximately 100 miles north of Addis Ababa. God prospered his two years of missionary work as he planted three churches in Zelway. Mesele also discipled a man who received Bible school training and is now ministering in Zelway. Mesele thanks God for the many miracles God has done in his life and for God’s protection. Next month we will share Mesele’s call to be an AIPM missionary and the work he has been doing in Zelway and Northern Sudan.