about aipm


Ambaricho International Prayer and Mission Movement USA (AIPM USA), is a partner with Ambaricho International Prayer and Mission Movement (AIPM in Ethiopia, a dynamic grassroots movement of prayer and missions outreach centered in Southern Ethiopia. AIPM USA is directed by a Board of Directors which function as an Incorporated Not for Profit Corporation in the United States, registered in the state of Indiana.

our mission

The Ambaricho Prayer and Mission Movement (AIPM)s a Prayer and Mission sending organization that is registered as a Non-Profit Charitable Organization in Ethiopia. AIPM is also registered in the United States as a 501 c3 Charitable Organization as the Ambaricho Prayer and Mission Movement USA (AIPM USA).

Our mission in Ethiopia is to support indigenous Ethiopian Missionaries by prayer, support and training. AIPM is first a prayer ministry and 2nd a mission sending ministry. The primary mission of our missionaries is to share the gospel with the 90+ million Ethiopians that do not worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In addition, we disciple new believers, plant churches and provide physical help such as food to the needy.

The mission of AIPM USA is to support AIPM through prayer, training and financial help the Ethiopian Missionaries supported by AIPM.

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