• September 2021 news

    Simplicity of Effectiveness

    We did not know it at the time but our trip to Ethiopia in January 2020 would be our last for a while and we would have plenty of down time to pray, think and plan what we sense God doing with global missions. That time changed our Global missions perspective. Our methodology is now shaped by what we witnessed and learned in Ethiopia from Dr. Desta and AIPM missionaries. We witnessed a fresh pursuit of the Christ life, desperation for God to move through prayer, and a commitment to educating and training missionaries to lead in difficult places. READ MORE

  • July 2021 news

    This month AIPM is highlighting the missionary work of Tessema Gedore’s ministry and life testimony. Tessema was born into a Christian family, and he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior when he was a young boy. He grew up going to youth choir in his local church and other youth ministries. He began to feel

    that God was calling him to a life of ministry, so he joined the academic school, which helped him to read the Bible and understand it progressively. READ MORE

  • JUNE 2021 News

    It was 1976. Ethiopia had been taken over by communists. A humble man by the name of Desta Langena Letta was just graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Addis Ababa. The communist government decided to send Desta to the Bali Region of Ethiopia to teach Physics at a teacher training college in Robe. READ MORE