Abebech is a Muslim convert to Christianity from a very fanatic Muslim family. Abebech was persecuted along with her sister and brother and exiled from her community and family to the Durame area for more than 20 years before she met Abera. She finished Bible school and joined EKSM (School of Missions) in 2010. She served at EKSM as a cook after graduation until joining AIPM in 2011. She became an AIPM missionary in 2011 and served for 5 years at the Western part of Ethiopia where God used her to bring more than 100 people to Christ over a period of 5 years. She served in different places among the animistic communities. She was witness to many sick people like demonized men and women who were healed and freed from demonic oppression. God has yoked Abera and Abebech for the purpose of serving God by the power of the Holy Spirit! We thank God for Abehech and the woman he has made for coming alongside Abera in service to God. Praise God for how He is using Abera and Abebech to advance the kingdom!

prayer requests

  • Pray God’s provision for an individual or church to support Abera.

  • Pray for the Muslims of the eastern regions of Ethiopia that God may reveal Himself and bring more people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for Abera and his wife, Abebech, as they minister to the believers under their leadership. Specifically, that God would place a special blessing on Abebech’s faithful service to her husband and to God.