Abera’s and Abebech’s ministry philosophy includes fasting and prayer each week with the anticipation of God directing a breakthrough for each individual personally and for unbelievers to come to Christ. Then, the Someno’s go out and teach hard work as a Christian value for society and as to be salt and light. Everywhere Abera and Abebech go, they teach about hard work and encourage ministry servants to be hard workers for their

church communities. This has opened up many opportunities for the Someno’s to witness to unbelievers, many of whom are muslim! Living on the Somalian border opens the Someno’s up to persecution. It is with the understanding of the hardships that come with serving the Lord in this part of Ethiopia that the Someno’s need your prayers. Would you join them in fasting and praying for a time that would allow for God to add his

intended blessing on your life and on the lives of Ethiopian missionaries such as the Someno’s? Dr. Desta Letta, the leader of AIPM, says, “When we don’t pray, we work! When we pray, God works!” It is the desire of AIPM to see God do much more than we could ever do on our own! Join us and the Someno’s by praying for the following needs:

Prayer Needs

  • Pray God’s provision for an individual or church to support Abera.
  • Pray for the Muslims of the eastern regions of Ethiopia that God may reveal Himself and bring more people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Abera and his wife, Abebech, as they minister to the believers under their leadership.
  • Specifically, that God would place a special blessing on Abebech’s faithful service to her husband and to God.