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  • december 2019

    It has been a productive year reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! One of the most significant gains to growing the kingdom of God has been the miraculous movement among the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC). Many priests who come to know a personal relationship with Jesus Christ are excommunicated from the Orthodox church when they choose to stand solely on the word of God. (The EOC teaches salvation by works.) When this occurs, curious people will allow the priest to share the gospel that reveals a deeper need for Christ’s forgiveness and relationship. READ MORE

  • November 2019

    There is a town of about 40,000 people called Sanbatte Shalla. This town is to the south of Addis Ababa and is called the Mecca of Ethiopia because there were no religious institutions other than the Muslim mosque in the town. In the beginning there was a Christian man named Ato Tura who was a trained nurse and ran a small clinic in this town. There had been many attempts to bring the gospel to this place. These attempts had gone on for three decades, but no one was bold enough to sustain a witness long enough for the message to take root. Auto Tura was accepted because he was known by many as their healer. He was able to stay there because he was careful not to share his Christian faith. Attempting to do so would have resulted in his immediate eviction or worse, death. READ MORE

  • OCTOBER 2019

    This month two board members, Pastor Endeshaw Shiferaw Areko and Justin Slemp, will be traveling to Ethiopia to share God’s word, encouraging AIPM missionaries and church planters at the AIPM missions

    conference in Durame Ethiopia.

    We ask that you pray for the safety of travel for our board members, missionaries and church planters to make it safely to the conference. That the presence of the Holy Spirit would be known and that each and every action taken, and words spoken would be pleasing to God. READ MORE

  • SEPTEMBEr 2019

    Greetings fellow prayer warriors,

    It is our joy to highlight this month a missionary supported by AIPM and the First Baptist Church of Irving Texas. Bedru Ergicho faced many challenges when he converted from his Muslim background. But God by His divine intervention spared Bedru’s life from many attempts at taking his life. After his conversion and subsequent persecution, Bedru knew that God was calling him for missions’ work. Click to READ MORE

  • August 2019

    It is our joy to highlight this month a missionary supported by AIPM and the First Baptist Church of Irving Texas. Tesfaye Degifie was born and raised in Arbaminch City, which is 300 miles from the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa. While obtaining his degree in social anthropology at the University of Arbaminch God reached down to Tesfaye and grew his love for the gospel message and his desire to see lost people come into the Kingdom of God.  READ MORE

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