• Let's build together

    The regional government in Durame Ethiopia has granted AIPM the land to construct a 7-story office building for the purpose of generating support for AIPM Missionaries. This is the designer’s model of the finished building. The building will have retail space including banking on the first few floors. As floors are added, more retail space, office space and even a hotel with conference facilities will be available. In Ethiopia, the government does not require the building to be complete before it is occupied so as soon as the first two floors are complete, AIPM will start receiving revenue by leasing out space. The total to finish the first two floors is about $400,000 USD.


    You can designate funds to this building project by going to our support page.

  • Let's keep it going!

    As shown in this picture, the foundations for the building is already in process. As God provides, we will continue to build. The concept of this type of investment to support ministry in Ethiopia is not new. Other church’s and ministries have been raising money this way for many years. Even without this type of revenue generation, AIPM is able to fund 90% of the support needed for the 250 missionaries now on the field.

  • AIPM Missionaries Praying over the construction site, oct. 2019

    Every October the AIPM Missionaries gather in Durame, Ethiopia for our annual Mission Conference. They took some time to go to the site of our building project to pray that God will provide the funds to finish the project and for the safety of the workers

  • comments or idea's on building an egg producing farm?

    The property in the picture to the left was given to AIPM. We have been using it also for income generation. Most people in Ethiopia are subsistent farmers. They raise corps or livestock to sustain life and trade or sell what they do not need for their family to others so they can purchase other needed commodities. AIPM is growing potatoes which will be sold at the local market. Again, all proceeds will help to fund or missionaries. This is just another example of how AIPM supports our mission.


    In the future, we are thinking of raising chickens for egg production on this land. We would welcome your comments and ideas on how we can transform this small farm into an egg producing operation. 


Projects like these will not only improve the quality of life for Ethiopians by providing jobs and services but will also improve their life by sharing the Word of God with the many that have not heard the gospel in Ethiopia and beyond.