It is estimated that 90,000 people from all over Ethiopia and the world attended this day of fasting and prayer. Thousands of young people stood up and committed their life for the ministry of evangelism after encouraging messages from Pastor Jared, LaGrange, Menngistu and brother Slemp. The main reason for the meeting each year on Ambarichio is for prayer, not for fundraising, so we don’t expect much from that event. Most of the people who go up to the top of the mountain are those who are extremely poor, but we appreciate whatever they give for the sake of the Gospel as an expression of their love to the Lord and to the mission of AIPM.

A miracle happened this year on Ambaricho. During the offering collection, one young girl approximately 13 years old, came to the front and told Dr. Desta that she does not have any money to give for the offering. Therefore, she wanted to donate one liter of blood from her body. At that time many people were weeping. Immediately many people came running in front and told that they want to redeem her one liter of blood by giving what they have sacrificially. We did not want to discourage the people. We counted the total amount of the donated money to redeem the girl's blood. It was more than 8,000 birr, which is $250 USD. The total amount of money donated by the locals at the Ambaricho conference was over 600,000 birr which is approximately 2,000 USD.

2019 was a difficult year for AIPM in Ethiopia due to security issues imposed by the government due to unrest in various regions. Despite these difficulties, AIPM was able to present the Gospel message to 49,187 people. This is aproximately half of what we were able to do in 2018. 3,331 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior of which 1,645 attended discipleship classes. 75 new churches were planted as a result of AIPM missionaries. Most of the new churches start as home churches.

Prayer requests

1. Pray for Ethiopia and the world, that the Corona Virus will be removed by God.

2. Pray that the unrest in Ethiopia turns to unification of the people and that they all

    turn to Christ as their Lord and Savior.

3. Pray for the finances of AIPM. During these difficult times, donations are

    significantly less which means that our missionaries have much less to live on.

4. Pray for the AIPM staff, that God gives them good health and strength to carry on

    the work of AIPM on behalf of our Lord.