Abera was recruited by AIPM to go to Sanbatte Shalla, the first AIPM mission site, which is a bastion of the fundementalist Islamic movement. He faced many challenges including persecution. But God enabled Aber to bring 50 muslims to Christ. He planted Qubsa Church, 10 miles from Sanbatte Shalla, where God used Abera to lead over 40 Muslims to Christ. Through Abers’ discipleship and help from AIPM, the disciples of Abera are leading and serving at Qubsa Church.

Using prayer as the primary tool for his mission work, Abera also practices fasting through each month. His use of fasting and prayer is a wonderful example of how faith through prayer and fasting brings people to Christ in the most unreached and threatening places. During 2018 and 2019 in Harar, a region in eastern Ethiopia, one of the most difficult regions because of Islamic dominance, 85 people came to Christ, 49 were baptized, and 20 became active ministers in the Church because of strong prayer and rigorous discipleship and leadership training. Praise God for how He is using Abera to advance the kingdom!

Here are prayer requests:

● Pray God’s provision for an individual or church to support Abera.

● Pray for the Muslims of the eastern regions of Ethiopia that God may reveal Himself and bring more

people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

● Pray for Abera and his wife, Abebech as they minister to the believers under their leadership.