A few years ago, one of the many Orthodox Priests in Northern Ethiopia was given a Christian bible, which he started reading. He saw many things in the scripture that were not known to him previously. When Dr. Desta became aware of the priest, he discipled him and trained him to share the gospel with other Orthodox priests. Over a few years, Dr. Desta and this converted priest shared the gospel with thousands of priests for which many become evangelical Christians, accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The movement has grown rapidly. This has prompted prayers in the last year for God to provide Biblical training material to use to teach the priests first and then their congregations. That prayer was answered last year.

While traveling to churches in the USA during 2019, Dr. Desta had a meeting with some of the leadership of Life Baptist Church in Las Vegas. It was during that meeting that Dr. Desta was shown the material they produced to teach new believers. The material is called “This Is The Gospel”. Dr. Desta was very excited that Life Baptist was willing to make this material available to AIPM at no cost. The most crucial step in delivering this material to Ethiopian priests was to translate the material to the Ethiopian language of Amharic. This prayer was also answered! A member of Life Baptist who is originally from Ethiopia had already translated it into Amharic not knowing the need of AIPM at the time. Within one week, this material was being used. Praise God for his faithfulness! He is using AIPM to reach Priests in Northern Ethiopia who need to know the true message of the gospel!

GEt Dr. Desta's Book

Dr. Desta Langene Letta is the founder and director of AIPM. His biography, DESTA MEANS JOY, is available now at Amazon.com. If you or your church would like multiple copies of 10 or more, you can order directly from AIPM USA for $10.00 each.

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